Smart Tractor Issues That Farmers Should Watch Out For

26 March 2020
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There is a reason modern farmers appreciate smart tractors. The tractors are comfortable and equipped with the latest technology for purposes of precision farming. Moreover, smart tractors are more efficient in many aspects, the most important of which is fuel consumption. However, with smart farming come various issues that farmers must watch out for. 

Right to Repair 

Smart tractors are operated using a myriad of software and computer systems. The systems are designed to function optimally, but it does not mean they are immune to malfunctioning. This is where the problem lies for farmers because tractor manufacturers own the copyrighted software. Therefore, nobody has the right to access and repair the software. Consequently, farmers are forced to haul their tractors to a manufacturer's or authorised dealer's workshop, wait a couple of days for repairs to be done and then haul the tractor back to their property. It wastes time and increases running expenses since hauling heavy equipment does not come cheap. Notably, farmers are taking on tractor manufacturers for the right to repair their tractor. If farmers succeed, it will go a long way in improving the repair and maintenance of smart tractors. 

Big Data and the Application of Pesticide

Pesticide application has been a challenge for farmers for a long time, primarily because of the adverse effect on the ecosystem. Smart farming is trying to address this since modern tractors come with spraying attachments. However, the question most farmers grapple with is how to understand big data better and its role in pesticide application. Big data provides vital information in the use of pesticides. For instance, some big data smart tractors collect information regarding the size of a farm and the prevailing weather conditions. The information assists farmers to determine when and how to apply pesticides.

Accessorising Smart Tractors 

As mentioned earlier, smart tractors are designed with comfort, precision and productivity in mind. That said, most farmers do not know they can accessorise their smart tractor further for improved functionality. Some farmers understand they can accessorise their smart tractors, but they do not know what accessories to install. It can be attributed to the myriad of smart tractor accessories and brands available in the market. The best place for a farmer to start from is to stick to accessories that help monitor tractor condition and performance. Such add-ons have the most impact on farm output.

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